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1. National and Regional Convenings -- Convene Jews and allies, trainers, organizers, spiritual leaders and cultural workers established and emerging, to share best organizing and training practices, train on effective political education modules, and wrestle productively with the biggest questions facing practitioners in the field today. Regional gatherings focus on delving deeper into the challenges of the work specific to region, and build on-going local energy, trust, reciprocity, and increasingly interdependent relationships.

2. On-going Communities of Practice -- Facilitate monthly online gatherings based on roles individuals hold in the movement as political educators, community organizers, spiritual leaders, and cultural workers to encourage cross-pollination, sharing learnings and challenges together, and backing one another. 

3. Racial/Ethnic identity based Caucus groups -- Facilitate monthly online gatherings based on racial and ethnic identity to encourage trust building, story sharing, cross-pollination, sharing learnings and challenges together, and backing one another.

4. On-going Cross-Pollination -- Support regular communication through an email listserv and virtual lab resource hub where members can share resources, questions, challenges and ideas.

Components & Principles: About Us


“Our work is strengthened through solidarity, not isolation.”

  • We believe our liberation is bound up with each other, so our work can’t be for others; it has to be in partnership  with others.

“We respect and honor each other. We trust one another, our inherent worth, and our wisdom.”

  • We take seriously the wisdom that our unique stories and experiences give us and we believe that we and each other are inherently worthy of trust.   

“We act boldly.”

  • We show up, unapologetically, knowing our inherent worth and acting in/out this truth.

“To lead is to listen.”

  • We believe that our visionary work can remain relevant if we are committed to listening to our partners.

“We can take care of us. That is ok to do.”

  • We believe the work of liberation includes caring for and nurturing ourselves.

Components & Principles: Who We Are
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